Martin Gijsen
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Martin Gijsen

Test Automation Architect

Martin is an independent test automation architect, one of the leading test automation experts in the Netherlands, with about 15 years of experience. He often sets up automated testing for an organisation (if it is complex or must be done right the first time) or improves existing automation efforts that are not generating sufficient business value.

His unique specialty is that he has no specialty: Any branch, any technology (from web to embedded), any test tool (commercial, open source or both), any process (Agile / classic) and any phase in software development (from unit testing to full chain testing).

As a software architect and a business analyst, he understands the thinking and language of project management, the business, users, architects, software engineers, testers, DBA’s and line management – and frequently translates between them.

Also: Author of the PowerTools open source framework for automated testing. Frequent speaker at conferences, trainer and Agile coach. Organizer of the Dutch Testing Day conference in 2002 and 2012.

Forget silver bullets. Take test automation seriously.

Test automation disappoints when underestimated. Being promised a silver bullet only makes it worse. An overview of the success factors helps you ask your organisation the right questions and get it right for your organisation.

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