Rini van Solingen
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Rini van Solingen

Professor of Global Software Engineering @ TU Delft

Rini van Solingen, CTO @ Prowareness and part-time Professor of Global Software Engineering @ the TU Delft. Because of his two roles, Rini unites the scientific and real-life approach to Distributed Agile software development. As a great communicator he will use the stage to talk about the sense and nonsense of working Agile with distributed teams.

Sick of Scrum

On the promise of Scrum to elevate distributed development and why practice makes it so hard

Sometimes people argue that Agile does not fit with distributed software development. The co-location, collaboration with customers and intense interactions within the team seems so crucial that nearshoring and offshoring do not allow Agile. On the other hand, most practitioners do recognize the theoretical potential and promises that come with Agile ways of working. Especially for remote software development in nearshore or offshore settings these benefits are so promising, that many distributed teams adopt Scrum for their standard day-to-day way of working. In this talk Rini van Solingen will address the specific practical challenges that come with applying Agile in a distributed setting and how these can be tackled. But still, distributed work comes with its particular characteristics that need attention. And when not addressed properly, Scrum rubs them in your face. Each and every sprint. Undoubtedly and repeatedly. To the utmost annoyance. Yes, sometimes practitioners get just so sick of Scrum. This talk will explain why and what to do about it.

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