Robert van Vark
Speakers – Robert van Vark

Robert van Vark

Principal Technical Consultant at DevOn

Robert’s vision for Continuous Delivery in 90 days is what had started the movement towards DevOn. With his expertise and experience he is the Principle Technical Consultant for DevOn based in the Netherlands.

Straight-through Testing
How to test complex and time-dependent business processes without manual interventions

Testing complex and time-dependent business processes end-2-end and fully automated is neglected in many organizations. Existing test tooling doesn’t account for the turnaround time of such processes. Consequently, many organizations assume it is simply not possible to automate end-2-end tests. As a result, systems are only tested independently, trusting that the entire business process works just fine if the individuel systems pass the test.

In his talk, Robert will present how such complex business processes can be tested fully automatedly without manual interventions. By extending commonly used test scenarios used in Behaviour Driven Development with time-dependency, the overall business process is described clearly and understandable for all involved. With specific tooling test execution can be paused at the specified moment in order to wait for responses from other systems. At the described interval, the same test can be continued without manual intervention. This way, the tests take existing turnaround time and time-dependencies into account. By frequently initiating new tests and appropriate reporting, organizations have continuous insight in the correct functioning of their complex business processes.

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